What is Crompton Collective? 

Crompton Collective is a curated boutique marketplace located in a historic Worcester mill building. It is designed to celebrate our local independent makers and our love of old things.

How do I vend at Crompton?

Our shop is juried, and there is currently a wait list.  You can apply here.

Submitting this application does not guarantee anyone a space in Crompton Collective.

How much is a booth in Crompton?

Small booths for local handmade artists are $35 a month.

Antique booths are $50-$200 depending on the size.

How do I know where I am on the wait list?

Unfortunately, given the volume of interested vendors we do not have a timeline for our wait list. We will email you as soon as an appropriate space for you becomes available.

Do you hold items or take returns?

We can hold items for 24 hours. We accept cash, credit and debit cards. All sales are final. 

Do you take consignment or buy items?

We do not take consignment, or buy items but we can recommend some places that do. Just ask us next time you’re in the shop!

Why don’t you allow offers on items or give discounts?

We are not your average antique shop. Our shop has a mix of makers, artists, crafters and painters alongside your classic antique dealers. The typical antique shop deals and discounts just didn’t feel right when we first started selling vendors’ items. They put a lot of time and work into each piece, so we decided we wouldn’t discount. All of our dealers price their own work and that is how we support them. As a local business, every cent spent at Crompton is going directly back into your  creative community,  supporting 92 local artisans and unique antique dealers.

Who is Amy (Punky) and why is she so nerdy?

That is me! I created the style blog PunkyStyle.com in August of 2005 adding Boston’s first Fashion Blogger to my resume. My love for rummaging through estate sales, thrift stores, and yard sales led to the 2009 opening of The Haberdash, America’s first Mobile Vintage Shop. That same year I also had the pleasure of co-founding The Swapaholics an event company responsible for bringing sustainable style and a fun sense of reusing to fashion lovers everywhere. In 2010 I was hired as the Fashion Director for the Boston Tech Start-up Swap.com and spent two years traveling around the country, hosting fashion events and helping build an awesome iPhone app. In 2012 I decided it was time to invest in the city I loved and opened Worcester’s largest antique shop called Crompton Collective. 

You can read more about Amy here, here and here.

What did your building used to be?

Built in 1860, Crompton Place is on the National Register of Historic Places. George Crompton was an American inventor who is most known for his patent of the Crompton Loom, which he invented right in his hometown of Worcester, MA. George Crompton and his textile industry at Crompton Place are a part of history that helped transform Worcester from a “pretty New England town”, to an industrial city.

How do I attend your events?

Most of our events are FREE! You can RSVP or find more information on Facebook.

Check out details here.

How can I get on your email list?

You can add yourself to the list here.

How often do new items come in?

Every day! We have 92 vendors and sell an average of 6000 items per month. Shop now and shop often! That item you loved will not be here when you come back!

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