Tips for selling at the Farmers Market

Tips for selling at the Farmer's Market!


Product quality:

Now that your product is fresh, clean and ready for sale, Lets maximize your 3 hours at the Canal District Farmer's Market!



Is your display neat, accessible and attractive?? Is the name of your farm/business displayed on boxes and signs? Have you thought about the flow of your booth? Tables at the front of the booth prevent people from having to walk in to your booth. and adding height to your displays catch the eye quicker if shoppers have to look down at tables. I also think Farmers Markets are one of the few places having handmade/simple signs is  better. It shows the shopper you are a just person and not a big business. Shopping small is very important to our customers.


Are you prepared:

Do you have plenty of shopping bags. Do you have enough cash to make change? Did you price out the other vendors to make sure your product priced fairly and competitively? And If you really want to make an impression, maybe pass out some recipe cards and some samples!


Personal appearance:

Are you clean, neat, well dressed and well groomed? We know your farmers, But no one wants to buy food or products from someone who looks unclean. So tidy up after hitting the field! 



Are you smiling, personable and happy to be at the market? Most of our customers start their Saturday at the Farmers Market, You have the power to start their day off right! Smile and thank for your customers and the opportunity to serve them!


Website/ Facebook /Instagram:

Is your farm or handmade business on social media? Make sure you customer knows that they can follow you! A cute chalkboard sign asking them to share photos what they cook or a custom stamp on your grocery bags are creative ways to remind shoppers to connect with you after the market!