Crompton Collective Gift Guide

Crompton Collective Gift Guide


Following our win of Worcester’s Best Gift Shop 2015 from Worcester Magazine (Thank you to all who voted!)  We wanted to share Crompton Collective’s first gift guide! Crompton Collective houses over 90 individual local vendors and our inventory is always changing to keep up with the latest gift trends. We hope you enjoy this virtual journey through our curated gifts for any occasion or any person (even if you are shopping for yourself or someone else). Be sure to come into the shop to pick out your gifts and experience all Crompton Collective has to offer firsthand!


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Dudes and The Rad Dads Need Gifts Too

This hunky man can not get enough of Americana style, nature, art, and beer. This man stays clean with his cedarwood sage  scented soap which quickly becomes a morning ritual along with the American themed beard balm. He sips his morning cup o’ joe in an oak inspired handmade mug. Puts on his Worcester Bravehearts cap and is ready for the day! This classic man admires the art of handmade art prints and greeting cards that fits his minimalist motif. Finally, not one to skip out on a well crafted evening beer, this man sips his drink in a handmade industrial beer flight that makes sharing beer a little easier.


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Worcester Love

We all know Worcester is one of the best cities in the world (what can we say, we’re a little biased) and we want to show it on our sleeve. Donned in a Worcester Bravehearts navy blue sweatshirt, the Woo Wear-er is ready to take on the day carrying our canvas tote that emphasizes Worcester as the heart of Massachusetts. Complete with art prints, postcards, and greeting cards the Woo Wear-er can send that Worcester love to anyone in any place. Or even proudly display their affection for Worcester via stickers or buttons that show love for the city. The Woo Wear-er can also showcase the historical pop culture milestones with our smiley face tote because everyone must know where the smiley face was invented! This Woo aficionado can finally take a rest with their handmade Worcester themed mug that displays Worcester landmarks from all across the city!

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Everything for the Farmer’s Market FAN

If you follow Crompton Collective, you know we host The Canal District Farmer’s Market every Saturday. The Farmer’s Market fan is now not just limited to fruits and veggies but can find great items that showcase their love for all things food. “Lettuce turnip the beet” with the official tote bag of the Canal District Farmer’s Market! You don’t want to take the chance of forgetting anything so our market themed list pads are a must have.You can also show your love for fruits and veggies with our carrot and lemon temporary tattoos. Or even send your foodie love to friends and family with our produce inspired greeting cards. Finally the Farmer’s Market fan is nothing without kitchen supplies to consume your yummy treats which come in the form of vintage bowls, embossed cutting boards, and our take on the sip-able mason jar!

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Broken Heart Doesn’t Mean Broken Wallet

Breakups are never easy and Crompton Collective is here to help! We have put together the perfect bundle of gifts to help ease your relationship woes. We are the place to go for inspirational sayings and greeting cards that can mend any broken heart that you can keep for yourself or send to someone else. Or even if you are ready to gain more of a spiritual insight, we’ve got tarot cards and handmade herbal spirit sticks. Even if the spiritual side doesn’t take you anywhere, you can travel with our passport themed notebooks that can be used near or far. Of course, we finish with a mason jar shaker that will create the perfect drink for those martini glasses that will help any heartbreak.

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Treat Yo’ Self

The Crompton Crew is all about treating ourselves and we want to share our philosophy with you. Our “Treat Yo’ Self” gift guide has all of our favorite items to pamper the most fabulous version of you! Complete with our handmade fragrant lotions and our new line of floral flavored perfumes you will leave the shop smelling like a new person. We’ve even got our hand poured soy candles to add scent to any room. Of course, we can not forget to drink when treating ourselves so we’ve added antique flair to this gift bundle with our vintage pitcher that can be used for any type of get together (that may or may not include alcohol).

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The Hipster Baby

With any new addition comes the need for new gifts! This gift set is all for the hipster baby! We’ve got accessories such as food themed rattles, handmade teethers, and the cutest baby booties. Or if you’re still pre-baby but are looking for decor we’ve got handmade themed mobiles that will fit perfect in any nursery. We’ve also got gifts for toddlers and kids such as handmade mason cups and designer stuffed animals. Even if you are looking for gifts for someone else who has added to their family we’ve got perfect baby themed greeting cards to add to any gift!

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The New Mom

Being a new mom is hard but Crompton is here to pamper you! Made from our “pampered pregnancy” gift basket we’ve got the ultimate mom package complete with jewelry, soaps, lotions, and accessories. With the new season it is best to stay fresh with our handmade soap, fresh flower face scrub, and fragrant lotion. Next you’ll be ready to take on the world with our mix of jewelry for any style or occasion. With all of these, you’ll need something to put all your new products in which is where our handmade wristlets, clutches, and purses come in handy. For the more fashionable mom we have new woven scarves that come in just about any color you can imagine. To finish off the set, there is something for the new baby in our baby blankets. These blankets can be used for both boys and girls and come with simple yet, fun prints for your newborn.

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To The Bride & Groom, Or Groom & Groom, Or Bride & Bride

Getting married is an amazing event and shopping for it should be just the same! For the bride and groom, or bride and bride, or groom and groom Crompton has all the wedding needs. We are stocked full with signs, dish ware, decorations, and love all around. The married couple can find the perfect gifts throughout the store in every corner. You’ll be able to find wedding themed greeting cards that you can give or keep for yourself. Crompton Collective is all about spreading the love and we are here to help with any wedding needs.


Hope you enjoyed our gift guide and if you would like to see all the new products coming in to the shop, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram